Cometic C4235-047 4G63/T 87mm .047" 4 Layer  Head Gasket Image1
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Cometic 4G63/T 87mm .047" 4 Layer Head Gasket

  • Multi layered Steel

  • Viton Coated Outer Layer

  • Withstands up to 482 F

Cometic C4235-047 4G63/T 87mm .047" 4 Layer  Head Gasket
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Cometic 4G63/T 87mm .047" 4 Layer Head Gasket

Cometic MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) head gaskets are made of 3 layers of stainless steel. Cometic uses stainless steel for increased strength, ability to rebound, and resistance to corrosion. The outer layers are coated with Viton and beaded for perfect embossment. Viton is a fluoroelastomer rubber-based material that can withstand 482°F and able to seal the most harsh environments such as high load conditions and different surface finishings. The center layer is uncoated which can be varied to accommodate multiple thicknesses.


  • Ideal for aluminum heads on cast iron or aluminum blocks.
  • Withstands shearing forces created by aluminum heads/cast iron blocks.
  • Promotes an even torque load across the sealing surface, allowing for measurable reduced bore distortion.
  • Custom bore sizes and thickness available, please call.

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