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Blitz 525CC Top Feed Universal Fuel Injector EACH

  • Reliable high flow injector
  • Top feed type fuel rail req.
  • Price is per injector

List Price: $144.00
$116.63  Save 19%

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Product Details

Blitz 525CC Universal Fuel Injector is a reliable high flow injector that produces optimal fuel spray patterns. This is a universal style high impedance injector. Running larger injectors help deliver more fuel to the motor under high horsepower applications. Even with low horse power application, these injectors can be tuned to run lower duty cycles for less chances of injector failure from pushing the injector duty cycles too high.

Injector specs:

  • 12-14 ohm universal type
  • Top feed
  • Lag time is 0.99ms
  • 525CC fuel delivery
  • Price is per injector





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