Defi DF06501 2-1/16" 52mm Blue Racer Turbo/Super Boost Pressure Gauge

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Product Highlights
  · Step Master VS-2 stepper motor
  · Blue illumination display
  · 52mm compact size
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Defi Blue Racer Gauges are quick response and high accurate analog gauges. Due to popular demand, Defi brings these gauges exclusively for the US market. Defi uses a new generation stepping motor dubbed "step master VS-2" to provide smooth and quick operation. With blue illumination using high-brightness LEDs, these gauges are sure to stand out and easily read during the day and night. Integrated self-diagnostic function monitors both sensor disconnection and short-circuiting during startup. Mounting brackets and instrument case is provided with these gauges for a all in one installation package. Great gauges at a great price!

  • DF06501 Defi Blue Racer 52mm (2 1/16 in.) Boost Gauge
  • Display range of -30inHG ~ 30PSI
  • Sensor thread: Three way joint 4mm (diameter)
  • Blue LED illumination
  • Full 270 degree sweep dial
  • Self-diagnostics functions
  • Exclusively for the USA

 ***Images shown may vary from gauge to gauge due to different sensors and wiring required to monitor different engine parameter***

Vehicle Applications
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This product is a universal product and will work on any vehicle (some modifications may be required).

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