Defi DF08202 Advance CR Gauge Black Face 52mm Fuel Pressure

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  · 52mm Face
  · Use Defi Link Advance Unit
  · 0kPa ~ +600kPa
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Defi Advance CR gauge is offered in 2 different sizes, 52mm and 60mm.  This is great for those who have exisiting mounting pods and need a specific size.

The gauge face of the Advance CR is clean and easy to read.  This helps with quick glances during racing without the struggles of hard to read faces.


Features of this gauge include:

  • Stepper motor offers accurate and quick response to changing inputs
  • Brightness can be controlled by 5 different levels for daytime and nighttime.
  • Peak and warning value are stored for up to 3 minutes of replay data.
  • Mounting bracket, meter cup, and regular position bezel are included with gauges.


New features of this gauge:

  • Illumination can be switched between 2 different colors
  • Buzzer sounds when the Warning LED is on.  ( this feature can be turned off)
  • Separate Warning and Peak Indicators on the gauge face.
  • Self-Diagnosis system turns the warning LED to indicate any short circuit, wire disconnection, or other errors.


White Dial Gauges can switch illumination to: Amber red or Blue

Black Dial Gauges can switch illumination: White or Amber Red


All Advance CR Gauges require the use of the Defi Link Advance Link System.  Only 1 system is required and can control up to 7 gauges, please click here for more information.  This will NOT work with the older Defi Link System that do not state Advanced.

Vehicle Applications
YearMakeModelTrimApp Notes
- Universal - - None
This product is a universal product and will work on any vehicle (some modifications may be required).

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