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Radium Fuel Pump Install Kit BMW E46 No Pump Included

  • Fuel Pump Install Kit

  • Pump Not Included

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Radium 20-0086 Fuel Pump Install Kit BMW E46 No Pump Included
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For those looking to increase the power output of their 1999-2006 BMW E46, Radium Engineering offers a plug and play (bolt-in) solution for the most popular fuel pumps currently available on the market.

This kit features a 6061-T6 CNC billet aluminum sleeve that slides over the corresponding pump to mimic the larger diameter BMW fuel pump. The machined "rib" locks and properly locates the filter sock in the BMW hanger assembly. The sleeve includes a laser etched logo. For protection, the sleeve is then anodized in order to resist alcohol (E85, ethanol, methanol) corrosion.

The selectable pumps include Walbro 255lph (GSS341 and GSS342), AEM 50-1000 Gas, AEM 50-1200 E85, Aeromotive 340R Stealth, Deatschwerks DW300, Walbro 400lph Gas, and Walbro 400lph E85. The economical Walbro 255lph is a proven OEM fuel pump that is arguably the most popular pump ever. The aftermarket AEM 320lph (Gas), AEM 320lph (E85), Aeromotive 340R Stealth, and Deatschwerks DW300 320lph fuel pumps flow ~25% more and are direct replacements for the Walbro 255lph. However, the AEM 320lph (E85) has been upgraded to resist all fuel types including alcohol blends such as methanol and E85 fuels. The Walbro 400 OEM fuel pump has a larger base, but is quieter and can outflow the previously mentioned pumps. The Walbro E85 is similar to the Walbro 400 but can also withstand flex fuel ethanol blends and outflows all others (430lph at 40psi). To see an independent Radium Engineering test with many of these pumps, go HERE.

If you supply your own pump and it is not listed on this page, measure the outiside diameter of the pump body to ensure it is correct before ordering sleeve. The sleeve is designed for pumps with 39mm diameter. If your pump is greater or less than 39mm, this sleeve may not work.

Also included are the necessary electrical components to make the kit plug and play (no cutting, drilling, grinding required). NOTE: The Walbro 400 Gas Pump kit does include an adapter wiring harness because the factory BMW wiring plugs right into it. A stainless steel clamp is provided to secure the billet sleeve to the fuel pump. NOTE: A special (properly-sized) replacement convoluted tube and corresponding stainless steel clamps are included with the Walbro E85 kit (ONLY) as this fuel pump's outlet barb is larger in diameter.

No other modifications to the fuel system are required. However, to fix the inherent fuel starvation issue found on the E46, we recommend using this product along with the Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank Kit

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