Garrett 471171-5009S GT2854R-471171-9 Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger w/Internal WG

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  · T: 53.8mm-62trim / 64 AR
  · C: 54.3mm-60trim / 80 AR
  · Aprox. 270hp Flow Capacity
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This is a Dual Ball Bearing GT2854R Turbo with internal wastegate for quick easy installation and setup. The turbine housing is a .64 AR with 5 bolt style outlet. Super quick response for 4 cylinder motors. This turbo is ideal for smaller displacement engine making up to 270 hp.

Wheel: 53mm w/ 62 trim
- Housing: .64 A/R

- Wheel: 54.3mm w/ 60 trim
- Housing: .80 A/R

Vehicle Applications
YearMakeModelTrimApp Notes
- Universal - - None
This product is a universal product and will work on any vehicle (some modifications may be required).

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