Gates 9420 XL High Capacity PS V-Belt Mazda RX7 13B

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  · Aramid fiber reinforced
  · Replaces cracking belts
  · Reduces tension decay
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Gates 9420  XL High Capacity Power Steering V-Belt 


Replacement belt for today's most demanding engine drives. Due to thermal forces, this variable notched belt actually tightens on the drive as it gets hot. This results in improved belt performance by reducing tension decay and noise. Fiber-loaded rubber stock puts more flexibility along the length of the belt, yet gives the belt greater lateral stability in the pulley. Thermally active tensile cords for maintenance-free performance when properly in-stalled and tensioned. Form ground to ensure precise top width and sidewall dimensional control for proper fit in pulley as well as a smoother, quieter running belt. Belt undercord is aramid fiber reinforced. Meets or exceeds SAE J636c specifications. Also known as XL(R) V-Belts.



  • Angle: 36
  • Effective Length (in): 42
  • Outside Circumference (in): 42.38
  • Top width (mm): 12
Vehicle Applications
YearMakeModelTrimApp Notes
1987 - 1991 Mazda RX-7 (FC3S) R0 1.3L 13B-VDEI None
1987 - 1991 Mazda RX-7 (FC3S) R0 1.3L 13B-Turbo None

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