Hawk HB545F.564 Street HPS Brake Pads Front Nissan 350Z Track 2004-2009

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The Hawk Performance Street HPS Brake Pad will increase your rides stopping power and produce less brake dust when compared to stock pads. The HPS Pad Formula has a higher resistance to fade which can come in handy during stop and go traffic or when your carving up some twisty mountain roads. The HPS Pad delivers better stopping power, but the compound won't chew up your rotors like some harsh performance pads can. HPS Pads are also designed for quiet operation. It doesn't matter what you drive because the HPS Pads deliver quick, quiet, and clean stops every time.

  • Recommended Use: Performance Street Driving
  • Delivers up to 40% More Stopping Power Over Stock Pads
  • HPS Pad Formula is Low Dust
  • Stopping Power is greatly increased
  • Hawk HPS Pad Compound Provides Extended Pad Life
  • HPS Formula is Gentle on all types of Rotors
  • Practically Noise Free Operation
  • HPS Brake Pads FMSI ID, D960
  • Position: Front w/Brembo Brakes
  • Position: Front w/Brembo Brakes and 18 In. Wheels

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    YearMakeModelTrimApp Notes
    2003 - 2008 Nissan 350Z All Brembo w/ 18inch Wheels

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