Motordyne 516I Nissan 350Z 5/16
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Motordyne Nissan 350Z 5/16" Iso Thermal Plenum Spacer

  • 5/16 in. thick

  • Adds 12HP-14HP

  • Clears Engine Cover

Motordyne 516I Nissan 350Z 5/16

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Product Details

The Motordyne Copper Iso Thermal plenum spacer adds 12HP-14HP and reduces the effect of power robbing heat soak by thermally isolating both the upper and lower plenum. The 5/16" thickness provides the best overall performance and is fully compatible with your engine cover and strut bar.

All Motordyne Iso Thermal systems keep your upper and lower plenum cooled without the risk of throttle body freezing when driving in cold weather.

Use the Copper if it snows in your area.

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