Nissan%2046512-H0101%20OEM%20Rubber%20Stopper%20for%20Brake%20Light Nissan%2046512-H0101%20OEM%20Rubber%20Stopper%20for%20Brake%20Light Nissan%2046512-H0101%20OEM%20Rubber%20Stopper%20for%20Brake%20Light
Nissan 46512-H0101 OEM Rubber Stopper for Brake Light
Nissan 46512-H0101 OEM Rubber Stopper for Brake Light
Nissan 46512-H0101 OEM Rubber Stopper for Brake Light

Nissan OEM Rubber Stopper for Brake Light

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  • OEM Part

  • Replaces Worn Part

  • Replaces Missing Part

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Brand New OEM Nissan Genuine Rubber Stopper for the brake light located on the brake pedal assembly.

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5.0 out of 5.0 based on 10 reviews

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By Alfred

Aug 4, 2015

installed it the next day. I soaked the part in warm water with soap overnight, the next day, I placed it where it is suppose to go, applied the brake pedal with my hand, and easy installation. No more brake lights staying on =-)


Dec 3, 2014

Sometimes when a part is needed it can be purchased at a lot of places. not this thing. It causes problems when it breaks and if you are not near a dealer you will have to find one elsewhere. Pops right in and fixes the problems when you get it.

By Lillian

Oct 4, 2014

Good product and had the cheapest shipping I could find online. $6 shipping when the part is like $4. Came in on time with easy installation. Just be sure to align it with the hole using pliers and let the pneumatic motion of the brake pedal

By terry

Sep 20, 2014

Just what we needed. We soaked it in very hot water to make it more pliable then squeezed it around the lip.This made it a bit easier to work it into the hole where it needed to go.

By Christopher

Sep 19, 2014

If you have to disconnect the battery every time you park your dirty Nissan because the brake lights don't turn off, then buy this piece and stop being cheap.

By Troy

May 13, 2014

Great product and fast shipping great company to work with description was accurate and the quality was to be as expected

By Ervin

May 10, 2014

46512-H0101 Nissan OEM Rubber Stopper for Brake Light. Works great. Easy to install and fixes the rotting original stoppers faulty material.

By David

Apr 22, 2014

Arrived quickly! Tip, use a heat gun to get this nice and warm. Don't try to press it in directly, come at an angle and wiggle it in.

By Jane

Sep 23, 2013

This was an excellent experience and an excellent example of customer service. The transaction was exemplary, from the ease of ordering to the lightening fast receipt. Thank you.

By jon

Mar 11, 2013

Excellent, arrived quickly. Part fit and worked perfectly in my suv. I guess I have to keep writing because this site requires a minimum of 20 words.