Nissan 14032-72L01-JP OEM Air Intake Plenum Gasket - Nissan RB20DET Skyline Image1
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Nissan OEM Air Intake Plenum Gasket - Nissan RB20DET Skyline

  • Promotes proper operation

  • Prevents air & fuel leaks

  • Authentic OEM Nissan

Nissan 14032-72L01-JP OEM Air Intake Plenum Gasket - Nissan RB20DET Skyline
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Nissan Genuine OEM Air Intake Plenum Gasket - RB20DET Skyline


This Nissan OEM  intake manifold gasket is made out of  a malleable material that is set between the air intake manifold, the cylinder heads, and the block of the RB20DET Engine


The intake manifold operates as a sort of plenum, drawing and funneling air and fuel from the carburetor to the cylinders or, in fuel injected engines, just air to the injection ports. A measured amount of air is sucked from the manifold into the vacuum and thereby injected, along with fuel, into the cylinders to be ignited. The air drawn into the cylinders will suddenly hit the shut door of the intake valve and will rush back upon itself causing a wave of high pressure in the manifold runners. The intake manifold gasket must be able to withstand this constant change in air pressure.


A leaking intake manifold gasket will contribute to poor fuel economy, higher emissions and poor engine performance. The typical automobile engine runs on a stringently controlled air-fuel ratio. The intake manifold gasket, in conjunction with such mechanisms as the intake valve and the fuel injector computer, maintains that ultimate ratio. Should any of these components begin to fail, the vehicle’s gas mileage decreases, its gaseous emissions increase and eventually the engine stops running altogether. If you are performing an egine swap or simpy doing a rebuild, changing the plenum gasket is strongly recommended. 


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