Odyssey PC680MJ-P Drycell PowerSports Battery

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  · Compact size- 7.27 x 3 x 7in
  · Light weight at 15.4lbs
  · 220 CCA
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Odyssey SLIM Drycell PowerSports Battery PC680MJ-P.

Odyssey drycell batteries feature long cycle life and higher stable voltages for longer periods of time. The PC680MJ-P provides 220 cold cranking amps and provides over 17 amp hours. Each PC680MJ-P drycell battery weighs less than 15.4 lbs and is about 7.27in x 3.11 in x 6.67in in size. Perfect alternative to relocating the battery to the trunk if you want to make space or to lighten the front weight of your vehicle.  Features a metal jacket casing providing extra protection. 

Vehicle Applications
YearMakeModelTrimApp Notes
- Universal - - None
This product is a universal product and will work on any vehicle (some modifications may be required).

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