Project Kics 5130W1 Wheel Spacer 5x114.3 30mm 12x1.50mm Thread

Project Kics
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  · Comes as a PAIR
  · Pre-pressed Studs
  · Special Key & Nuts Included
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Project Kics wheel spacers are high quality spacers from Japan.  Wheel studs come pre-pressed so no additional work is needed.  Don't mess with hammering out wheel studs and installing longer ones, when you go save time with Projec Kics.

  • 5x114.3mm
  • 12x1.50mm
  • 30mm thickness
  • 10mm and 15mm Spacers will require space on the wheels for the original studs.  20mm and up might need space, but it depends on the original studs length. ( If it has been swapped out for extended studs, etc.)
  • The pictures show a 15mm spacer and how the original stud sticks out.
  • Notice how the hub face of the wheel has extra holes for the original studs to clear.

Picture shown may not reflect the actual item (thickness)

Vehicle Applications
YearMakeModelTrimApp Notes
- Universal - - None
This product is a universal product and will work on any vehicle (some modifications may be required).

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