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Tomei REYTEC Boost Sensor High Boost

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Tomei 811016 REYTEC Boost Sensor High Boost
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REYTEC Boost Sensor Tune: High Boost -
Every engine is controlled with various physical and electronic methods. REYTEC has applied one of the most suitable and efficient control methods ever seen in our industry.
Since data rewriting is possible, it can correspond to any modification. Moreover, it is possible to rewrite the data with your computer without any special equipment. REYTEC allows private tuners to setting ECU parameters just like they tuned their carburetors.

Completely Programmable
Easy Modification with Personal Computer
Basic Data PreInstalled
Controllable VVT/VTEC parameters
Airflowless Control Eliminate Mass Air Sensors
Real Time Data Monitors / Logging
Fuel Injected or Carburetor Control
Point Type, Pointless, Simultaneous or Direct Ignition Control
Sensor Feedback / Control

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