Wiring Specialties WSOS14SR-ENG-180-91M SR20DET S14 into RHD 180SX Engine Harness Image1
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Wiring Specialties SR20DET S14 into RHD 180SX Engine Harness

  • S14 SR20DET Engine

  • 180sx RHD Chassis

  • Plug and Play Harness

Wiring Specialties WSOS14SR-ENG-180-91M SR20DET S14 into RHD 180SX Engine Harness
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Wiring Specialties is known for wiring conversion and now pre-made conversion harnesses. It is designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for each specific application. No more headaches from trying to find out how to wire your engine to your chassis. Each pre-made harness will save you time by replacing your worn out wiring, and/or non-working wiring. As a plus, brand new wiring will make your engine bay newer and cleaner.

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Engine: S14 SR20DET

  • Any Blacktop from 1994-1998 S14 Silvia
  • Supports Engines with ECU - WC, WR, NA See example of ECU CODE

Chassis: 1989 - 1998 RHD 180SX

  • 1989 - 1998 RHD 180SX

Engine and Transmission Looms Feature:

  • Brand new wiring and connectors
  • Each Engine loom includes the Z32 and OEM Oval and Rectangular S14 SR20DET MAFS swappable connectors See Connector Image
  • INCLUDES ABS wiring for the 180sx
  • Support the OEM Consult port
  • Installs in 15 minutes
  • Improved grounding routing by addition of internal cross-grounding
  • OEM connector specs (no cheap aftermarket connectors that fall apart)
  • Designed for a factory-like installation and fit and finish for the 180sx
  • Retains OEM wiper functionality
  • Retains Cruise Control and all gauge functions
  • Works with the Greddy/Freddy intake manifolds
  • All A/C, Temp override, Auto On/Off functions properly
  • OEM wiring connections and 'T' junctions. No soldered connections at all
  • Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play replacement
  • Replaces the OEM engine loom entirely
  • Supports both S13 and S14 Speed Sensors
  • Transmission Loom supports 5-speed and Auto to 5-speed conversions
  • Will improve engine performance through better grounding and power wiring
  • Turn Key ENGINE START Guarantee

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