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ARP Stretch Gauge New Style

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ARP 100-9942 Stretch Gauge New Style
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We highly recommend using a stretch gauge when installing rod bolts and other fasteners where it is possible to measure the length of the bolt after tightening. It is the most accurate way to determine the correct pre-load in the rod bolt. Simply follow manufacturer's instructions, or use the chart on page 25 of this catalog for ARP fasteners. Measure the fastener prior to starting, and monitor overall length during installation. When the bolt has stretched the specified amount, the correct preload, or torque, has been applied. We recommend you maintain a chart of all rod bolts, and copy down the length of the fastener prior to and after installation. If there is a permanent increase of .0005 in length or more, or if there is deformation, the bolt should be replaced immediately. Don't chance it!

ARP offers a highly accurate stretch gauge with a dial indicator that reads in increments of .0005. Features extra heavy springs for consistent repetition. Comes with a heavy-duty, insulated plastic carrying case for protection. A must for any serious engine builder.

  • Stretch Gauge New Style

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