Agency Power AP-18T-150 3/4" Flange Adjustable Blow Off Valve VW Audi 1.8T 05-06

Agency Power
Product Highlights
  · Full CNC aluminum valve
  · Fully adjustable & rebuildable
  · Available in red or silver
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Agency Power Blow Off Valve is made in USA and designed from the bottom up. The blow off valve features a full 6061 CNC aluminum valve with a sleek body.

A unique feature of the Agency Power blow off valve is that the valve can be set up to vent anywhere from 100% to the atmosphere or 100% recirculated. The inside of the blow off valve is operated via a piston and steel spring with an adjustable top to preload the spring for adjustability. O-rings inside the valve provide proper movement and sealing to prevent any leaks.

The Agency Power Blow Off Valve can be used with daily drivers or high boost race cars.  Available in anodized silver or red.

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