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Apexi D-Jetro Choose the Correct Add-Ons

Choosing the correct parts to work with the D-Jetro version of the Apexi Power FC can be confusing.  We sell the unit and necessary components separately.  This can help people buying used D-Jetro Power FCs or those who forgot to purchase the parts needed to complete their upgrade. 

Please note that the D-Jetro (MAP) ECU is different than the L-Jetro (MAF) ECU.  You cannot use the D-Jetro sensors to "upgrade" your L-Jetro ECU.


We have also created a FR Sport Power FC D-Jetro Kit to make choosing the correct components.


Part No. Year Engine Description D-Jetro Kit
Boost Control Kit NOTES
414-KM905 97-99 4G63 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST/GSX D-Jetro Kit #1 415-A013 *10
414-KM908 03-05 4G63 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 D-Jetro Kit #1 415-A013  
414-BM008 01-02 4G63 Mitsubishi EVO 7 D-Jetro Kit #1 415-A013  
414-BM004 99-01 4G63 Mitsubishi EVO 6 D-Jetro Kit #1 415-A013  
414-BM005 97-98 4G63 Mitsubishi EVO 5 D-Jetro Kit #1 415-A013  
414-BN019 93-96 SR20DET Silvia S14(B/M/C) D-Jetro Kit #2 or Kit #1 415-A001 *1, *7
414-BN020 91-94 SR20DET Silvia S13/ RPS13 D-Jetro Kit #1 415-A013 *1, *7
414-BN021 93-96 SR20DET 180SX (Mid Minor Change) D-Jetro Kit #1 415-A013 *1, *7
414-BN023 96-99 SR20DET 180SX RPS13(A/M/C) D-Jetro Kit #1 415-A013 *1, *2, *7
414-BN024 99-02 SR20DET Silvia S15 D-Jetro Kit #1 415-A013 *1, *2, *7
414-BN025 99-02 RB26DETT BNR34 Skyline GTR D-Jetro Kit #3 415-A001 *6
414-BN026 89-99 RB26DETT BNR32/BCNR33 D-Jetro Kit #3 415-A001 *6



*1 When using the P-FC alone, it may be necessary to change the initial settings depending upon air cleaner and air flow meter type.

All Nissan vehicles must set initial settings to (No Boost Control Kit      
*2 When using the Boost Control Kit, it is necessary to modify the wiring of the factory solenoid valve.  
*6 Pressure Sensor (499-X001)×2, D-Jetro P/S Harness(415-XA04),and φ4 Nipple x2 (499-A019) are required.  
*7 FD3S Factory Intake Air Temp Sensor (N3A1 18 845) and D-Jetro Intake Air Temp Harness (415-XA03) are required.
*10 May be used on 1995-1996 Eclipse models, modification to the Cam Angle Sensor Required.  



D-Jetro Parts: When running a D-Jetro P-FC, the following parts are necessary        
499-X001 Pressure Sensor        
49C-A002 Pressure Sensor Harness 3 Pin (For Use on ***P/N: 414AN025, 414AN026, 414AN019)  
49C-A004 Pressure Sensor Harness 5 Pin      
N3A11845 Intake Temperature Sensor      
415-XA03 Intake Temp. Sensor Harness