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NEW! Tomei ARMS M8270 & M7960 Turbo

A lot of people have been asking us about the new TOMEI ARMS turbos. Questions such as "What are the power levels?", "How is the response?", and "What are the differences?" are common. We decided to put together a little tech article that will hopefully answer those questions.

TOMEI has spent a great amount of R&D on the new ARMS turbos. The goal was to design a new set of turbos that will improve torque, response, and usable power, all at a great price. Specifically talking about the M8270 and M7960 turbo, these two are the newest brothers to the family. Let's take a look at the new specs.


As you can tell, everything about the ARMS turbos are larger. It has both bigger compressor and turbine wheels, giving plenty of room for high flow breathing and reduced back pressure. So, how do TOMEI find out if these numbers mean anything? Dyno test, of course!

The test mule is not your regular SR20DET engine. The purpose here is to extract the maximum horsepower out of these turbos. Here is the spec sheet:


How's the response and power, you asked? Let's move onto the nitty gritty.

NOTE: The original data has been converted from PS to HP and kg*m to lb*ft in these easy-to-read graphs.



The M8270 is made for big horsepower that's capable up to 450+ HP. From the graph, you can see that it starts to pick up from around 3700 RPM and continues to pull all the way to redline. Take a note at the torque. There is plenty of torque from 4500 to 6000 RPM. High speed drifters and freeway lurkers will definitely enjoy this type of power-band. The type that keeps on giving.



The M7960 is designed for low to mid range torque. It's capable of 400+ HP. Take a look at that purple curve. There's a great amount of area under the curve. That will give you plenty of bottom-end response. The horsepower is quite linear, giving you great control over traction of the car and response of the engine. This type of power-band is great for auto-x and street/track use.



For durability and reduced costs, The M8270 and M7960 adopted a dual journal bearings system. Journal bearings are normally slower than ball bearings, but for reliability and costs, journal bearings cannot be beat. The compressor wheel dimensions were optimized to increase efficiency and usable power. The turbine wheel was made to resist high exhaust heat and extract maximum exhaust energy. The design of the wheels will neglect the difference in journal bearings and ball bearings.

Don't wait any longer! There will only be a limited batch available during the first shipment. After that, there will be a long wait time for the second round. Get in line and pre-order yours now! For ordering information, please follow the two links below.

For those who have pre-ordered ahead of time, you've made a great choice! After the first shipment, the new TOMEI ARMS Turbos are not immediately available in the USA. These special kits are made-to-order from TOMEI Japan. If you missed the pre-order, you still have a chance to purchase this special kit at a great price.

Please contact us for availability. Call toll free 866-507-6853 / phone number 714-515-4001 or email

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